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I'm a freelance food and wellness writer, based in New York City. I also write travel stories and profile influential people. 

I've written for publications such as CNN Travel, South China Morning Post, China Daily, Jumeirah Magazine, Time Out Hong Kong, and Rogue, among others. I've also worked with clients to help them create branded content, and I'm particularly proud of my work on Virgin Atlantic’s blog, Ruby. 


From 2004 till 2009, I lived in Shanghai, where I worked as a food critic/writer at the city’s top English-language lifestyle publication, That’s Shanghai. My work included reviewing restaurants, featuring recipes, and profiling culinary personalities, such as British author and cook Fuchsia Dunlop.

​In early 2009, my love for food and writing led me to receive a Best Journalist award from the Disciples-Escoffier China. On several occasions, I was a judge on the Young Escoffier Asia Contest and made several TV appearances on International Channel Shanghai.

I moved to Hong Kong in late 2009 and there, I worked in publishing and communications. I wore a number of hats: managing magazines, creating marketing plans, building brand strategies, writing features at South China Morning Post, and editing digital news at China Daily.

I'm a member of the Asian American Journalists Association and in 2019, I was granted the AAJA National Convention Fellowship. I've also given career talks to aspiring journalism students in Hong Kong's top universities. 

As a second-generation Chinese born in the Philippines, I'm fluent in five languages and dialects. When I'm not pressed with a deadline, I devote myself to practicing Ashtanga yoga, reading, and giving back to the community by supporting children’s causes.

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