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Junzi Lucas Sin

Dedicated family-run farms are working against a tide of opportunistic commercial saffron growers who are cutting corners to make a profit. | The Peak (South China Morning Post) 

Having won the tv competition in 2012, she now owns The Blind Goat, a modern Vietnamese gastropub in Houston, Texas. | Post Magazine 

The Hong Kong-raised, Yale-educated chef's 'fast-casual' chain of northern Chinese restaurants in New York and Connecticut is challenging long-held perceptions. | Post Magazine 

With six branches in Hong Kong, does the world's cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant still live up to the hype? | HK Cheapo

Pierre Herme’s macarons, made with daring and unconventional flavor pairings, have become a culinary obsession throughout the world. |

The Peak

Japanese chef Hideaki Matsuo of Michelin-starred restaurant Kashiwaya shares why he chose Hong Kong as the home of his first overseas restaurant. | The Peak 

Japanese celebrity chef Nobu Matsuhisa is now the brand name behind a hotel chain, a TV show, cookbooks - and even a homeware collection. | The Peak 

The odds of success in Hong Kong’s fairly saturated F&B market are low, but how do some of the industry’s successful restaurateurs pull it off? | The Peak 

Four chefs, including Matt Abergel from Yardbird, tell why it was important for them to step out of their mentor’s kitchen and go it alone. | The Peak 

With the growth of the Mango Tree brand

in Asia and the United States, success still depends on local tastes, as shown by its

Hong Kong sister restaurants. | The Peak

The small eatery in Hong Kong’s Central is a quick fix of relatively inexpensive Vietnamese fare. | Time Out Hong Kong

Shanghai-based chef Paul Pairet woos epicureans with a menu that serves

avant-garde cuisine. | Appetite Singapore

An upscale hotpot restaurant joins the local organic culinary trail as Shanghai diners veer towards higher quality food. | Appetite Singapore

British author and cook Fuschia Dunlop eats her way through Sichuan. | That's Shanghai

Michelin star chef Alain Passard explains why abandoning meat for a greener world made his name. | That's PRD

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