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I’m a certified yoga teacher and I specialize in the Ashtanga practice. I completed my RYT-200 teacher training at Samyak Yoga in Mysore, India - the birthplace of Ashtanga yoga.

As a teacher, I’m a huge proponent of encouraging my students to step out of their comfort zone. My intention is to help students take the internal power cultivated on their yoga mat and apply it to their personal lives, allowing them to live life with less fear and more courage. 


As a student, I continue to practice the Primary Series six times a week. So far the practice has helped me become stronger both physically and mentally, and be more patient, focused and kind.


The goal of yoga is not the headstand; it’s about showing up to your mat consistently not knowing what’s going to happen and being okay with that. It’s about believing that you can do anything even if it scares you. It’s about breathing, moving and smiling on the inside. 

To know more about my yoga journey: I first discovered yoga in late 2010, when I was suffering from work-related stress. The incessant meetings, deadlines, drinking and partying took a toll on my health. To help me feel relaxed and balanced, I joined a class and practiced whatever style was offered. Be it Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa or Yin, yoga calmed me down and kept me sane.  

In this busy world we live in, maybe it’s time for you to learn Ashtanga yoga. Come practice with me.

Practice and all is coming. Namaste.

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